Clients We Cater To

CWFS offers Investment Management services to working professionals, affluent women, business owners, retirees and clients in transition with a mission to protect and grow wealth by investing in the stock market. CWFS serves you as your personal investment manager.  Through an independent advisory relationship with our custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional we buy and sell investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s) based on your designated goals, account size and investment objectives.
CWFS offers (3) discretionary investment management portfolios. Regardless of which strategy you select all of our investment programs include the following:

Asset AllocationDiscretionary Management
Account MonitoringPerformance Reporting
Market Research & AnalysisFinancial Expertise & Advice
Dividend ReinvestmentOnline Web Access
Portfolio Review MeetingsRisk Control
On-site Portfolio ManagerCash Management (deposit, withdrawals, and check writing for taxable accounts)


CWFS is compensated only by you and does not receive any other type of compensation which is contingent upon the purchase or sale of any financial product. This compensation method aligns our incentives with your incentives. Fees are based on a small percentage of total managed assets and the investment portfolio you select. The fee is billed on a quarterly basis and paid in advance out of Client’s investment accounts.

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