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CoachWi$e Financial Solutions, an investment management firm powered by human advisors and guided by
technology not the other way around.

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Let us help you protect and grow your wealth.

Would you trust your hard-earned dollars to a robot?

We don’t and you shouldn’t either if you believe in-person relationships are central and managing your investments is personal.

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Are you 53 to 74 Years of Age?

If you need a financial advisor to help you prepare for retirement,
contact us for a complimentary opportunities meeting.

Let us help you protect and grow your wealth.

Invest in your future

Because money is security

Security to live comfortable in retirement
Security to provide for the needs of your family
Security to do what you want, when you want

Do you need help with an active investment management program that will get you prepared for retirement?

Like many things we want we usually need guidance to get there.  Let a financial advisor at CoachWi$e help you improve your financial health and actively save and invest for your future. Contact us for a complimentary opportunities meeting.

Solutions for retirement readiness

Are you a baby boomer (53 – 74) and wondering if you can retire comfortably?
Are you confident your savings will last throughout your retired years?
Has your savings been impacted by the Great Recession of 2008?
Are you terrified of rising health care costs?
Have you been hurt financially because of divorce, job loss or health challenges?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a financial advisor at CoachWi$e may be able to help you improve your financial health and actively save and invest for your future. Contact us for an complimentary opportunities meeting.

Our Firm:



CoachWise Financial Solutions, Inc. (CWFS) was founded by Donnie Davis and Don Hardcastle in 2004 with a mission to build lasting relationships by actively managing investment portfolios and providing trusted advice to help people improve their financial health.

CWFS offers investment management services to working professionals, affluent women, business owners, retirees and clients in transition.

CWFS is a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in the State of Oklahoma. In addition to the State’s regulatory requirements, CWFS is required to follow rules and procedures according to Federal regulations.

Your goals and needs are unique, so your investment management should be too.  We take the time to listen and understand what matters most to you before developing your target allocation and investment strategy.  Call us today at 918-872-1732 to get started.

The four easy steps to goal planning

Step 1: Make the Call
Call us at 918-872-1732 and schedule a complimentary 30-minute opportunities meeting.  We will ask you to gather your financial & brokerage information so we can analyze your specific situation.
Step 2: Setting your Goals
We’ll evaluate your investment goals and objectives based on several factors including your desired retirement age, investable assets, risk tolerance and financial values.
Step 3: Planning Together
We’ll determine what additional resources and plans may be necessary and whether our team and investment process is a good fit.
Step 4: Leaving with a Strategy
Most sessions end with a strategy in hand and the knowledge you need to improve your financial health.

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